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We are market leaders in all our product lines. We meet and exceed International Quality Standards (ASTM) for Ready Mix Concrete, Aggregate Production, Concrete Block Production and Precast Concrete. We can help with your building in Roatan.

We have worked on every major project in Roatan and on the North Coast of Honduras. As such, we are used to high quality standards, technical supervision and working with tight timescales. We are leaders in Roatan construction projects and can help with yours today

We produce our own construction aggregates and also have a large stock of steel, chemicals, geotextiles and other construction materials ready to satisfy your project needs. When it comes to aggregates, we are Roatan contractors' #1 choice



Island Concrete was founded in July 1997 through a vision of the potential future growth of the island of Roatan. The increase in tourism brought foreign investment and an increase in the construction of commercial and residential projects. Island Concrete has led the market in the concrete construction industry with the introduction of new technology and techniques.


Through training and good employee relations the company has one of the lowest employee turnover rates on the Island. This means that all our team members have years of quality experience behind them and have played an important part in Roatan's growth and development. 





For inquiries please call: +504 2407-2160 or fill out the form below:

Head Office

Main Road Km 25, Brick Bay

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras



Tel: +504 2407-2160

Cel: +504 9558-7777

US: (305) 454-7628

Get a quote: +504 2407-2160

To apply for a job with Island Concrete, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: concrete@island-concrete.com